kedd, március 23, 2010

random dialogues

Random dialogues between a mother and her 5-year-old son:

Dialogue nr. 1:
Mother: (naively) What are you drawing? Is it you?
Son: No. It is a mosquito man.
Mother: What?
Son: A mosquito man.
Mother: What is a mosquito man?
Son: (very impatiently) A man who is a mosquito.
Mother: (stunned) Why do you draw this? Did you see someone at school drawing something like this?
Son: No. (proudly) I invented it!

Dialogue nr. 2:
Son: Mom!
Mother: Yes!
Son: Can I ask you something?
Mother: Of course!
Son: How does Darth Vader pee?
Mother: (stunned). I do not know. Go and ask your father!

Dialogue nr. 3:
Son: I am gonna draw somehing for my friend (a girl namely)!
Mother: (looking enthusiastic) Great!
Son: What shall I draw to her?
Mother: Well, how about Hello Kitty?
Son: I am sure I cannot draw a Hello Kitty.
Mother: OK. How about some flowers, maybe ponies, a castle, a princess...
Son: ( looking enthusiastic) Like Princess Amidala from Star Wars?
Mother: (giving up) OK.

Son: I cannot draw Princess Amidala. I am gonna draw her a star destroyer.
Mom sighing.

He has changed. A lot. This makes me really sad, but it also amuses me. He is still so innocent and so good. He does not want to accept the fact that Anakin Skywalker will one day become evil.
As dinos are clearly en passé, I am thinking about redecorating their room keeping Star Wars paraphernalia minimum.

My ideas are:
-lockers and simple paper boxes for storage
-sting shelves (love them!!)
-vintage school furniture and a chalkboard
-vintage school maps and anatomy posters
and maybe one, but only one Star Wars poster...






photos by dosfamily (1,2,4,5) and mari eriksson' home, source lost (3)

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  1. You are not alone with the Star Wars phase, Monika!! I like the images you selected - can't wait to see what you will do.

  2. I so enjoyed your son's point of view! It is good that you record these conversations too. I have written down a few [too few] of my children's convos from when they were small and it os os funny to reread them now that they are adults!