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Minimalist mantelpiece decorating ideas - DIY

How to decorate your mantelpiece for Christmas? - No. 1

Wooden christmas sign
$32 - connox.com

CB2 home decor

Ferm LIVING holiday wall decor
$18 - madeindesign.co.uk

CB2 home decor

What I really like about this styling is that most of the pieces I used in the set can be very easily made by hand. You can make a similar paper garland from tin foil. There's no need to be precise, the shabbier, the better. Use some cardboard and some leftover black paint to create the trees. The blackboard speaks for itself: there are no rules, just unleash your creativity! The numbered coffee cups can symbolize the four weeks of advent. Put a tealight in each of them and let the countdown begin!

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