péntek, december 24, 2010

christmas madness+a simple menu

I put together our Christmas menu:

In the very last minute I managed to buy all ingredients and I hope that I will not screw it up.

Christmas is more hectic than ever. Our flight was cancelled and we decided to drive 1400 kms. It was long, exhausting and we had jet lag for two days. We had like a 1000 things to do before Christmas and I have acted like a bitch for four days now.

Again I forgot what Christmas was all about. Right now I need to calm down and make my kids enjoy the hoildays. And do not worry about a home not vacuumed, a meal not prepared on time, gifts not bought, shirts not ironed, hair not washed. Yes, really. I told you it was hectic.

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  1. You poor thing! I hope it gets calmer, but 1400 km drive would drive me up the wall too!!Your menu looks good too Monika. xx