szombat, szeptember 25, 2010

what's new around our house

My favorite black leather Converses sadly passed away last week so I bought a new pair. Well, not exactly new. Esprit Vintage have a vast collection of vintage Converses, some of them are almost new. This is the third pair I bought from them and they cost only 20 euros. That's quite a deal, n'est-ce pas?
new vintage converses

Remember how I told you that while I love kilims I have never owned one? I proudly present my first ever kilim rug bought on e-bay!
my very first kilim rug

This IKEA lamp is not new, but as we finally decided to stay in this rented house a little longer we became braver with decorating the walls so these sticker posters that were once in our bedroom found their new place in the living room.
new lamp
(as you can say the walls are already quite f*cked up so I am pretty sure we will lose a significant amount of the deposit anyway)

Two ikat cushions bought during the summer sale at IKEA. They cost like 1,5 euros and I really regret that we did not bought the third option.
ikea ikat cushions

Last week I bought 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' from Ilse Crawford and I am obsessed with it. Such an amazing inspiration! Really thought-provoking. It totally reassured me to go on with the life made simple approach.
home is where the heart is

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  1. I like all your purchases. I'm glad you got your kilim too - a good rug never goes astray! xx