szerda, június 30, 2010

tomorrow off to france and I have not put a single piece into our suitcase

And I am blogging instead. Typical.

Tomorrow we are off to France to spend our very well-deserved family holiday!! I am really looking forward to it, 12 days which hopefully means that we will not only be able to visit a lot of places, but also spend a couple of lazy days on the beach.

I wanted create my holiday wardrobe very carefully, but I had so much work during the last couple of days that I could not even start packing...

I love to see what other people put into their suitcase, do not you?

I love this ShopBop lookbook so much, I already looked at it like a hundred know just for inspiration

My favorite holiday wardrobe is definitely that of Coline's... I love that she chose only a couple of clothes, four pairs of amazing shoes (my limit has been two so far, but maybe I have to reconsider this?) and a myriad of jewelry. Great use of luggage space! Clever, not?

And I am also pretty impressed by Balibulle's holiday wardrobe, the patterns and colors are amazing...

Before leaving you alone for 12 days (not as if you would recognize my absence, it is pretty much regular) I would like to thank for your lovely comments and for being loyal to my blog!! Although I am not very good at commenting, I read all of your blogs in Google Reader.

You are such a great source of inspiration!


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