hétfő, november 02, 2009

before and after

This room has received very little attention and care since we moved in 6 months ago. This is the smallest room in the house and we are glad that we could fit in a bed for guests and a small desk for the computer.
This is how it looked like some days ago. Very sad, I know...

And this is how it turned out:

What do you think?

The details:

-I spent altogether 15 euros (Can you believe it?)

-I bought 3 metres of IKEA Gunilla fabric (4 euros/metre) and my mother turned them into gorgeous cushion covers (inner cushions cost 1.5 euros each).

-The curtains are from IKEA, too, they were in my living room before and turned out to be too short for this room, so my mother made it longer with the help of some fabric.

-Three large blue picture frames (also from IKEA) were in my sons' room back in Hungary and I decided to turn one of them into an inspiration board. It was really easy to do even for me...

-I bought the chandelier sticker some time ago for our hallway, but then changed my mind about it and I think it is perfect for this room.

I am very satisfied with how it turned out and I am very grateful for my mother for her help! I am very happy that I could reuse many things and did not have to spend a fortune on new stuff.

(Now all I need is storage, lighting, a rug and a chair, but this is another story...)

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  1. Oh wow, that is amazing! My husband and I are doing the exact same thing right now, redoing our smallest bedroom which we use as a guest room/office. We painted it and now have to finish it up on a minimal budget and without using up precious space. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the chandelier sticker and the graphic designs on the cushions and framed on the wall. It looks like a magazine picture. :)

  2. However... if I were to change anything, I might try different drapes. Maybe it's just the way it shows up on my computer screen, but the curtains look purple. Maybe I would try blue or green instead to match some of the tones in your prints.

  3. Now that is very thrifty! I think every thing you added looks great - I love how it only cost 15 euros!!

  4. Hi there, wow your so clever, green chic! Adore this post! Great ideas.Sharon xxoo

  5. Oh wow! This is cool. Love the renovation on that cute room. I am happy for you girl. ;D

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  6. yay for the new look! love the the fall and winter colors!

  7. What a lovely redo. You've inspired me. I've been wanting to redo our guest room/office forever!

  8. I love the orange. With the curtains I agree they look purple but there is nothing wrong with that. Looks great good on you. xoxo

  9. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.

  10. Thank you! You made my day with your nice comments!

  11. Congrats Monika :-) You and your mother are geniouses! Best: the inspiration board!